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What makes Mazemakers unique?
At Mazemakers we emphasize community, authorship, and challenge. Participants choose their own courses and projects, challenging themselves and each other in cooperative problem-solving and trust activities. In addition to shaping classes and activities, young people take a central role in developing their community over the course of the summer. Each group of Mazemakers create a community constitution, outlining their vision for the session, as well as the characteristics and actions necessary to achieve it. This kid-authored process provides participants an opportunity to take the lead in building respect, intellectual vitality and imagination in the community in which they belong.
What is a "typical" day at Mazemakers?
Mazemakers begin and end each day in circle, a home base for the session. Circle is a chance for Mazemakers to check in, play games, sing songs, tackle a puzzle and preview the day ahead. After circle, Mazemakers have their first of five classes, followed by snack and two more classes. At midday, Mazemakers have Swim Free, where they have the option to swim or participate in one of the daily club offerings. Past club options have included: outdoor games, drama/improv, music, game show and board and card games. In addition to swim, there is always at least one outdoor and/or athletic club option available. After Swim Free, Mazemakers eat lunch together and play games outside. The afternoon is comprised of two more class periods and an afternoon circle, followed by dismissal.
What are the special activities known as “Challenges,” and what role do they play in the program?
Challenges are large-group collaboration activities in which the community must solve a complex problem through leadership, cooperation, and teamwork. Challenges form an important component of the Mazemakers program, helping to build leadership skills and strengthen community. There are usually 2 to 3 Challenges per session. On Challenge days, classes are either shortened or suspended, depending of the level of challenge and the length of time needed to solve it.
Are the courses divided by age group?
Many classes at Mazemakers are not grouped by age, resulting in a unique experience in which young people of all ages work together on any given project or activity. As the community is comprised of young people entering 2nd through 8th grade, we continually assess our course curriculum to ensure that we meet the needs of all ages. Rising 7th and 8th graders are offered the option of enrolling in Mazeblazers (link to course page here), a leadership development course specifically designed for our oldest campers.
Is the program both boys and girls and what is the approximate breakdown?
The program is coed. We attempt to have a good balance of both boys and girls, and usually succeed. We are committed to mixing genders in every way that we can, and also encourage age mixing when appropriate. We can all learn from each other.
What qualifications does your staff have? 
The most important part of the Mazemakers program, bar none, is our devoted, talented, and experienced staff. Principally, our counselors are professional educators and college students, with both classroom and summer program experience. In addition, each summer we have several high school students in training positions.
   While we welcome new staff members every year, many of our counselors originally came to Mazemakers as participants, and so have been in the organization for several years (some as many as ten years or more). This is testimony, of course, to their dedication and love for the program; but it also makes for a well-trained staff, familiar and experienced with the Mazemakers philosophy and practical approach to education and community building. From summer to summer, we have a staff return rate of more than 80%.
   Each summer, our entire staff goes through an intensive orientation and training process during the week before the program opens. This process covers everything from curriculum design to classroom management, conflict resolution to leadership development, health and safety protocols to teamwork strategies. And throughout the summer, our weekly evening staff meeting always includes continuing "professional development" on these and other issues.
    All of our staff members undergo a thorough CORI/SORI check.
Do you offer an early drop-off/late stay program?
Yes, early drop off is available from 8:00am, and late stay is offered from our 4:20pm dismissal until 5:00pm. There is an extra charge of $15 for any part of an hour. Our regular staff will provide the coverage.
Does Mazemakers provide lunch?
Yes. The food service professionals at Meadowbrook provide a well-balanced, nutritious lunch in our air-conditioned dining hall. Each day, menu choices include hot entrees and a fresh sandwich and salad bar. We also provide a morning snack and juice. Any young person with special dietary needs or preferences may bring their own lunch. There is no additional charge for lunch.
Is transportation available?
Yes. Tuition includes bus transportation service from designated pick-up/drop-off locations in and around Wellesley, Weston, Wayland, Lexington, Needham, and Newton. Mazemaker families are strongly encouraged to utilize this service. Information about the precise pick-up/drop-off locations will be determined, in part, by the geography of those who sign up for the program. Sign up forms will be sent out in the spring.
Are swim lessons available?
Not at this time. We are attempting to make them available and will let campers know as soon as possible.
Do you offer 1 or 2 week sessions?
As our program is process driven and builds on community values, we cannot offer anything less than 4 weeks.
How far is the Campus from 128?
We are approximately 5 minutes from Exit 24 (Route 30) and Exit 26 (Route 20).