What makes a leader?

Mazeblazers is an optional course with a focus on leadership and teamwork development open to all young people entering 7th or 8th grade. Each Mazeblazers class together decides – through brainstorming, negotiation, and compromise, all guided, of course, by Mazemakers counselors – on an "adventure" and a community service project. All decisions and plans are made in consultation with parents all along the way.

Day to day activities include: early on, group-connecting exercises, to establish trust and common knowledge; during the first week, decision-making processes; planning and coordination; carrying out the adventure and the community service project; and processing and presenting information from these two events (particularly the community service) to the MM community. Along the way, Mazeblazers are introduced to basic leadership and teamwork ideas and techniques (for example, the difference between "leading" and "facilitating" in a task).

Some past examples of "adventures": a day trip to a Boston museum; a hike up Mount Monadnock. Typically, the adventure is followed by an overnight at Meadowbrook.

Some past examples of community service: helping stock food and supplies at a food pantry; cleaning the grounds at a Boston community center.

Again, each session, one "adventure" and one community service project are selected.