For Parents:

Absences: If your Mazemaker will not be in camp on any given day, please call or send a note in advance.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival: If your young person will miss camp for only part of a day, please inform the Mazemakers Office. A note, phone call, or email all work!

Early/Late Stay: Mazemakers offers early drop-off (starting at 8:00am), and late pick-up (until 5:00pm) for an extra charge of $15 per any part of an hour. Our regular staff will provide coverage. Early and Late Stay are located in the corner of the cafeteria behind the Mazemakers Office. You can drop off and pick up your camper there. You can find the extended form download above.

Bus Absence Protocol: If on a given day your camper is not taking home their regularly scheduled afternoon bus, please contact the Mazemakers Office no later than 3:00 pm so we can accurately confirm bus attendance.

Sunscreen: The Mazemakers staff strongly encourages all campers to apply sunscreen before arrival in the morning, as well as throughout the camp day. Up & Up Sport Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Waterproof Spray is available in the office.

Pick-up/Drop-off for Cars: The designated Mazemakers drop-off and pickup times for 2015 are as follows: 8:45-9:00am (drop-off) and 3:50-4:20pm (pick-up). Thank you for your cooperation.

Safe Driving Practices: Please be a courteous driver and obey the posted speed limits on the Meadowbrook campus and the surrounding area.

Mazemakers T-Shirt: It’s that time again, time for the Mazemakers T-shirt Design Contest! Every session, Mazemakers offers an original camp T-shirt as a way of remembering the summer. Campers are encouraged to submit a design that they feel represents their experience here at Mazemakers. As a community, we will vote for our favorite design on Wednesday next week. The winning design will be printed on white t-shirts, which we will tie-dye (optional) during the last week of this session. T-shirts cost $12. The order form will be sent home in the week two newsletter.

Mark your calendar! The Mazemakers Open House and Overnight is Thursday August 13th. The program begins at 5:15pm and will run approximately two hours.

Pick up on the last day of the session, Friday, August 14th, is at 11 am. Please make arrangements to pick up your Mazemaker by car. Bus service home will not be available for the morning.

Medical Forms: Please mail/fax/email/hand in your camper’s immunizations, Mazemakers med form, and non prescription med form (download above) before the start of camp!

Lunch Menu: It will be sent home with the week one newsletter.