Who are we?

The most important part of the Mazemakers program, bar none, is our devoted, talented, and experienced staff. Principally, our counselors are professional educators and college students, with both classroom and summer program experience. In addition, each summer we have several high school students in training positions.

While we welcome new staff members every year, many of our counselors originally attended Mazemakers as participants, and have been in the organization for several years (some as many as ten years or more). This is testimony, of course, to their dedication and love for the program; but it also makes for a well-trained staff, familiar and experienced with the Mazemakers philosophy and practical approach to education and community building. From summer to summer, we have a staff return rate of more than 80%.

Each summer, our entire staff goes through an intensive orientation and training process during the week before the program opens. This process covers everything from curriculum design to classroom management, conflict resolution to leadership development, health and safety protocols to teamwork strategies. And throughout the summer, our weekly evening staff meeting always includes continuing "professional development" on these and other issues.

All of our staff members undergo a thorough CORI/SORI check.